Adventures in Livestreaming… never stop improving

In the last two posts, we were still getting ourselves going based on limited purchases and using what we had on the shelf. We never settle for “good enough.” We always strive for perfection.

When last we left you, we had a Canon XL1 connecting to the Mac with firewire. Since then, we picked up a Blackmagic Decklink Duo card for 2 more SDI inputs. This allowed our Wide shot to be upgraded to HD with a Handycam. We also were able to add another static HD shot for the cantor. Now, for church services, we run 4 HD cameras.

Another client called us with a different event type. Their annual benefit auction was coming up. Because of restrictions, it was forced to be virtual. We provided a single camera shoot with another computer running PowerPoint being fed into OBS. There were also 2 videos that needed to be played within OBS. This event was also not a simple “switch between sources” event. We needed to layer video sources over each other and split screens. We spiced things up a bit with customized graphic overlays.

The most recent upgrade is a Decklink Quad card. Now, we have the ability to provide 6 sources to a livestream. Contact Us today to schedule your event!